Leading Rhinoplasty Chicago has to Offer Positive Benefits

There are several reasons why someone may elect for Rhinoplasty surgery, including factors contributing to aesthetic improvement, and correct of nasal function. Rhinoplasty Chicago has to offer many positive benefits to someone who is considering this operation.

Rhinoplasty Chicago has to Offer What Benefits?

One of the main benefits of Rhinoplasty is being about to choose a new nasal shape, perhaps removing a humped nasal bridge, a bulbous nose tip, large or small nostrils, or a nose that is disproportionate in size giving the face an unbalanced or unsymmetrical look. It may be an option for someone who has had their nose broken in their childhood, which has set off center and would now like to have it corrected.

As well as aesthetic reasons, a person in Chicago may benefit from Rhinoplasty if they have impaired nasal function such as chronic congestion or difficulty breathing through one of both nostrils. The cause of these symptoms is often internal nasal structure, impaired by bone or cartilage and aggravated by an historical injury or allergies to dust, or hay fever. An operation to correct the internal structure of the nose should fix these issues and may also be combined with an exterior alteration to the nose, providing additional benefits for the patient.

What Happens at the Consultation?

Before elective surgery a rhinoplasty surgeon will want to understand the reasons for the surgery so they can ascertain what changes to the nasal area are required and with what end result. This may also affect the approach to the procedure, with some surgeries carried out through either closed or open rhinoplasty surgery.

An experienced and good quality Rhinoplasty clinic will also offer imaging using cutting-edge computer technology to provide you with and alter images of what the final visual appearance of the nose will be.

Another important element of the consultation is a physical examination and medical history analysis to ensure that there will be no complications and your goals for the surgery can be met.

How Long Does Rhinoplasty Surgery Take and is it Painful?

A Rhinoplasty procedure typically lasts between one and four hours and is completed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. Under anesthesia of course, the procedure is painless, but discomfort should be expected during the recovery period. For the following twenty four period after surgery you can expect discomfort and tenderness of the nasal area as well as a headache, swelling, bruising, numbness of the nose and blood discharge from the nose. These symptoms may last for several days following the surgery but should clear up after a week or two.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

So the major benefits of Rhinoplasty are increased self-confidence, increased attractiveness, resolved sinus and breathing issues caused by nasal structure, and reduction of snoring due to improved breathing. So Nasal Rhinoplasty can improve quality of life. If you’re based in Chicago and considering Rhinoplasty why not book a consultation to understand what the potential benefits could be for you.