David Serna Attorney – What You Should Be Looking For in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

David Serna attorney at law is the best criminal defense lawyer in the state of New Mexico and someone who has dedicated his life to helping represent people in court, and has formed a formidable reputation when it comes to winning. Davis is also a very good friend of mine who has been great in the past when it comes to offering legal advice for a range of situations. If you have found yourself in need of this type of lawyer then you need to ensure that you get the right lawyer for you. No matter what you have been charged with and no matter whether you are guilty or innocent, here are the key characteristics which you need to look out for when hiring a criminal defense lawyer

Suits You 

You need to ensure that the attorney who you choose is right for you and you must also be realistic when selecting the attorney which you choose to represent you. There is little point in trying to get the best criminal defense lawyer in the country if you cannot afford it so make sure that you are looking for someone who will suit your needs. 


It is important that you find a criminal defense lawyer who has plenty of experience, especially in cases such as yours. For example not all criminal defense attorneys have experience in cases which involve violence, or criminal damage, so you need to ensure that you find the right attorney for your specific situation. 

More Than The Lawyer

Criminal defense lawyers do not work along and so you should be looking not only for the right lawyer for your individual situation, but also the lawyer who has the right team behind them. The team behind an attorney carry out vitally important roles within the case such as research and precedent, they also provide a back-up if your lawyer is not able to attend court because of an illness or an emergency. This is why you also need to focus on the team behind the lawyer who you choose. 


Reputations in this industry are hard to achieve and easy to destroy so another aspect of getting the right lawyer is looking into their reputation and making sure that you have someone with a reputation of wining cases like yours. You need to know what you are getting with your attorney, if you have a lawyer with a great track record but one who isn’t great with their clients, you need to know this before you decide. 

Don’t Promise

If you speak with a lawyer who guarantees you that they are going to win your case then you should run a mile, there are no guarantees when it comes to the legal system. You should expect your lawyer to be telling you things like they have a strong case, not that they can absolutely win it.