Razer's new smartphone rumored to have 8GB of RAM
Razer's new smartphone rumored to have 8GB of RAM
James Smith - Oct 16, 2017
The company Razer is set to unleash a new phone that could be focused primarily on gaming.
Ed Mason - Oct 14, 2017
Pornhub plans to use facial recognition AI to make their site more efficient.
David Sims - Oct 14, 2017
Target plans to use Google Express to create an easier, and much more personalized, experience for its shoppers.
Vicky Webb - Oct 13, 2017
Snapchat hopes their new features will cause people to use the app more often.
Jackie Flores - Oct 13, 2017
Microsoft has announced it has no more planned updates for Windows 10 Mobile, essentially ending the platform's future.
Harry Marcolis - Oct 09, 2017
Researcher have developed a new atomic clock that could help detect hard-to-find phenomena, such as dark matter and gravitational waves.
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 06, 2017
Rescheduling could mean two back-to-back launches for the company.
Tyler Henderson - Oct 02, 2017
British engineers reported successful initial tests Friday of a car that could run as fast as 800 miles per hour--fast enough to break the sound barrier and the current world record of 763 miles per hour for car travel. The actual first drive may have to wait until 2019, however.
Tracy Williams - Oct 02, 2017
Some fake Facebook accounts now tied to Russia posed as black civil-rights activists in order to sow racial discord in the United States, a CNN report alleges. It found that some of these accounts were persuasive enough to generate large U.S. followings.
Wilson Soto - Sep 30, 2017
The Justice Department sent Facebook warrants for the personal data of three users who organized anti-Trump protests. The ACLU is fighting to have the warrants quashed.
Tracy Williams - Sep 27, 2017
A team of international researchers have modeled a new type of aluminum that is both lighter and less dense than current forms of the metal.
Jose Jefferies - Sep 27, 2017
Polaritons are ten-thousand times lighter than electrons and form when a laser shines upon stacked layers of selected atoms such as arsenic, gallium, indium, and aluminium.
Lila Alexander - Sep 26, 2017
Private and public computer systems across the globe have suffered "ransomware" attacks that lock the computer until the user pays the hacker money, but a new strain of the virus is coercing users to send nude photos instead.
Kyle Bates - Sep 26, 2017
Transport for London said that Uber was not conducting sufficient background checks of drivers and was failing to report serious criminal offenses.
Billy Kirk - Sep 25, 2017
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg outlines a nine-step plan to protect the electoral process after agreeing to turn over thousands of political ads bought by Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign.
Ian Marsh - Sep 25, 2017
Facebook is under fire by lawmakers for allowing Russian propagandists to organize pro-Trump rallies on its social media platform.
Joseph Scalise - Sep 11, 2017
The computer guessed correctly about the men's sexual orientations 81% of the time and was right about the women's sexual orientations 74% of the time, the researchers said.
Joseph Scalise - Aug 26, 2017
According to the researchers, the sun heats different pockets of the Earth's surface to differing degrees, and these temperature differences give rise to all types of weather events, from mild breezes to tropical storms.
Kyle Bates - Aug 22, 2017
Nikolai Coster-Waldau, who plays the prince Jaime Lannister on the show, told the Daily Beast that one HBO's executives called him several weeks ago to tell him that his info had been compromised.
Josh Curlee - Aug 19, 2017
Some of the items may be ones that Amazon shoppers have traditionally have sought out elsewhere. Groceries are one such example.
Leon Clarke - Aug 17, 2017
The web host provider of a website that organizes protests against President Trump has cried over a Justice Department request to hand over personal identifying information of all of the site's visitors.
Lila Alexander - Aug 11, 2017
In his tweet, the Wikileaks founder stated clearly his opinion of Google's decision to terminate its employee: "Censorship is for losers.
Leon Clarke - Aug 07, 2017
An anonymous Google engineer's 10-page manifesto against his company's diversity initiatives has sparked heated responses on social media and an official denunciation from Google leadership.
Joseph Scalise - Aug 03, 2017
Missiles typically have internal targeting systems that use radar or heat-seeking sensors to lock in on their targets.
Jason Spencer - Aug 03, 2017
The Trump administration gave the company approval in March to start building the pipeline into Montana. He separately approved the Dakota Access pipeline, which would carry oil from South Dakota to Illinois, that same month.
Paul Pate - Jul 25, 2017
The Irish government is setting up an escrow fund to facilitate the collection of an estimated 13 billion Euros--$15.2 billion—in back taxes from Apple Inc.
Joyce Clark - Jul 18, 2017
Diesel-powered vehicles emit less pollution than vehicles that run on gasoline, according to a new six-nation study published today in Scientific Reports.
Linda Mack - Jul 18, 2017
A natural gas developer has the blessing of Virginia's Democratic governor to build a 150-feet-wide pipeline along dozens of miles of Virginia's Appalachian Trail.
Clint Huston - Jul 13, 2017
While humans have been monitoring the great storm since 1830, scientists think it may have been raging for more than 350 years.
Joyce Clark - Jul 04, 2017
Power companies across the southwestern United States broke new records for power consumption last week as heat waves reaching as high as 119 degrees Fahrenheit descended on the region.
Jason Spencer - Jul 04, 2017
Its operators have their sights set on Didymos, a small asteroid that will approach Earth at around that date.
Mark Schwartz - Jul 03, 2017
Volvo's experimental self-driving cars exhibit one key technical issue that the engineers are still trying to work out: how to avoid collisions with kangaroos.
Miriam Griffin - Jun 24, 2017
The wall was one of his signature campaign promises, but so far he has not been able to scrape together the estimated $8 billion to $12 billion it would take to complete the 1,933 miles-long structure.
Joyce Clark - Jun 24, 2017
Astronomers now know of more than 4,000 planets orbiting stars other than our sun, but they do not know for sure if any single one of them could hold life.
Kara Menard - Jun 23, 2017
A marketing firm accidentally blew open the personal data of nearly 200 million Americans, or around 62% if the entire U.S. population.
Lila Alexander - Jun 21, 2017
University of California researchers have developed a robot that can figure out on the spot how to pick up an unfamiliar object with no pre-programming required.
Tyler Henderson - Jun 19, 2017
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s stocks fell 7.1% following the news, while Krueger Co. plummeted 17%. Investors worried that the buyout would negatively shake up the entire grocery sector.
Tyler Henderson - Jun 13, 2017
This marks just the latest in a wide range of technical mishaps that have bedeviled the F-35's developers.
Kristy Douglas - Jun 04, 2017
The U.S. economy alone might gain $2 trillion, the analysts predict. Companies providing the self-driving vehicles will make big revenues.
Linda Mack - Jun 04, 2017
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates in a May 2017 report that 7.5 million retail jobs are at risk because of automation.
Billy Kirk - May 15, 2017
The firm claims that it is not interested in policing the software, and has urged its users to "continue using Kodi however you want."
Dan Taylor - Oct 17, 2017
A newly developed synthetic cephalopod skin could one day help soft robots change color to blend in with their environment.
Lucas Rowe - Oct 16, 2017
Facebook's new Oculus Go VR headset is another big push at making VR more popular.
Leon Clarke - Oct 16, 2017
Uber rejected a $1 billion lawsuit-settlement demand from Waymo, who is suing Uber over alleged theft of trade secrets. If the two companies don't agree on another settlement, they will go to trial in December.
Miriam Griffin - Oct 16, 2017
A gene therapy for a genetically inherited form of blindness got approval from an FDA panel Thursday and could get final agency approval for market by January. If the FDA signs off on it, it will be the first-ever genetic treatment for a genetically inherited disease to be available to U.S. consumers.
Kathy Fey - Oct 14, 2017
Millions of Pornhub users were tricked in the past year by a malware program that posed as a legitimate software update that they could download.
Joseph Scalise - Oct 14, 2017
Apple plans to team up with LG in order to create foldable phone screens.
Kristy Douglas - Oct 14, 2017
For the first time, Amazon's Echo will be able to tell people apart by the sound of their voice.
Vicky Webb - Oct 13, 2017
OnePlus devices are taking data from their users and sending it to the company's private servers.
Billy Kirk - Oct 13, 2017
Google has been forced to disable the Home Mini's touch sensor after early versions of the device were constantly recording all the noises around them.
Joseph Scalise - Oct 11, 2017
Interracial marriages have grown much more common in the last 20 years, and online dating may have been a key contributing factor.
Joseph Scalise - Oct 11, 2017
A new report reveals that wind turbines on the open ocean have the potential to create much more energy than the ones on land.
Steve Colyer - Oct 05, 2017
A new study finds that a third of all smartphone notifications make people upset in some way.
Kyle Bates - Oct 02, 2017
Sir James Dyson has attained great success in the home appliance market, but he announced this week that he is going to pour more than half his fortune into making electric cars. Dyson has never built electric cars before, but he hopes that his expertise in electric components and battery power will help him shine.
Rick Docksai - Oct 02, 2017
Ride-sharing services such as Lyft and Uber have been reaching out to elderly-care facilities to gain customers among car-less elderly residents. Both companies are rolling out new apps and amenities to make their services more accessible to generations of new users who didn't grow up with smartphones.
Carmelo Sheppard - Sep 25, 2017
A team of researchers has created a new artificial muscle that could help robots lift far beyond their own body weight.
Carmelo Sheppard - Sep 14, 2017
These new robots act in a similar manner, where they can perform simple activities by themselves and much more complex ones when paired together.
Jose Jefferies - Sep 13, 2017
"Supercharger stations in urban areas will be installed in convenient locations, including supermarkets, shopping centers and downtown districts.
Jose Jefferies - Sep 13, 2017
A Spanish government agency hit Facebook with a €1.2M (approximately $1.4 million) fine for privacy violations related to its data-harvesting activities.
Jackie Flores - Aug 29, 2017
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to answer questions about Dearborn's email or if the Trump campaign followed through with the meeting.
Laurel Kornfeld - Aug 29, 2017
Amazon secured approvals Wednesday for its proposed acquisition of Whole Foods from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and Whole Foods' shareholders.
Kyle Bates - Aug 24, 2017
Orozco said that Facebook will need to find ways to become more compelling to the youth demographic. Facebook owns Instagram and can recoup some of its lost Facebook profits from Instagram's growing popularity.
Adam Widmer - Aug 22, 2017
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to defending civil liberties in the digital world, agrees.
Joseph Scalise - Aug 22, 2017
The trial will start in October and pits Waymo, a self-driving car project started by Google's Alphabet, against Uber.
Joseph Scalise - Aug 09, 2017
The Federal Aviation Administration is now formulating laws that would give police officers the means to find the identity of a UAV's operator and enable police surveillance to locate the UAV and follow its flight path.
Mark Schwartz - Jul 30, 2017
Chinese engineers reportedly have developed will host a new quantum-based communications platform that is truly immune to hacking--a potential game-changer for the world's communications systems if true.
Mark Schwartz - Jul 26, 2017
Uber isn't the only ride-share company seeking to develop self-driving cars: Lyft announced on Thursday that it has formed a "self-driving car division" and will soon open a facility for it in Palo Alto, Calif.
Chad Young - Jul 14, 2017
The lawsuit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, names Trump, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.
Mark Schwartz - Jul 10, 2017
North Korea is on U.S. officials' minds more than usual these days, in part because of its recent missile launch, and U.S.
Mae Owen - Jul 10, 2017
The pathogen, a bacterium called Xylella fastidiosa, turned up in a sample of 17 almond trees in eastern Valencia, according to Elena Cebrian, a local agricultural official.
Josh Curlee - Jul 04, 2017
The Department of Homeland Security's ban on carry-on laptops in passenger flights from the Middle East will no longer apply to the United Arab Emirates.
Linda Mack - Jun 30, 2017
This production ramp-up will push China's share of global lithium-ion battery production to 65%, up from 55% today.
Tyler Henderson - Jun 26, 2017
And the company may surpass its 2016 total on Sunday, when it is scheduled to launch another mission. SpaceX is aiming to achieve 20 to 24 missions total before the year is out.
Jose Jefferies - Jun 23, 2017
Deep Root mined 'deep' information about the way individual Americans would likely vote by collecting information about their perceived political preferences from social media.
David Sims - Jun 09, 2017
The case became a public sensation after the documentary series 'Making a Murderer' aired on Netflix.
James Carlin - May 29, 2017
Laptops in carry-on luggage have been off-limits for incoming flights from the Middle East and northern Africa since March. This latest proposal would extend the ban to flights to and from Europe, as well.
James Carlin - May 28, 2017
These data breaches all occurred between March 24 and April 18, pilfering individual Chipotle chains individually and for varying lengths of time.
James Carlin - May 26, 2017
For comparison, the grant total value of all of the currency on Earth is only around $60 trillion.
Vicky Webb - May 26, 2017
Twenty years after a supercomputer won a chess game against a human world champion, a Google-owned artificial-intelligence system has outdone the world's top human in the board game Go.
Ian Marsh - May 26, 2017
Uber's high-end "Uber Black" ride service has a new rival. Lyft announced Thursday that it, too, will start offering a luxury-class car-share experience.
Jose Jefferies - May 26, 2017
The United States is now producing one million barrels daily, which already puts it ahead of more than half of OPEC's member nations.
David Sims - May 26, 2017
Carter Page, the ex-foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump's campaign, said Wednesday that he plans to testify before the House Intelligence Committee in June.
Ian Marsh - May 19, 2017
The European Commission said that the social media company inaccurately claimed it would be unable to combine user data between the two companies' accounts.
Harry Marcolis - May 17, 2017
Lavinia Woodward swiped at her lover with the knife, before stabbing him in the leg.
Harry Marcolis - May 15, 2017
Shadow Brokers released Eternal Blue last month as part of a trove of hacking tools they said belonged to the NSA.
Clint Huston - May 15, 2017
The bug was first exposed in a briefing released on Friday by Swiss computer security consultancy ModZero.
Clint Huston - May 15, 2017
To put the algorithm to the test, the scientists validated it against 51 patients who were scheduled to receive treatment for AF.
Jose Jefferies - May 09, 2017
Tracy Williams - May 07, 2017
An updated technical report shows that the firm's reactor is 100 times larger than originally planned, and weighs a massive 2,000 tons.
Aaron Sims - May 07, 2017
The retina is made of soft water droplets and biological cell proteins. Its components detect and react to light to create a grey scale image.
Harry Marcolis - May 07, 2017
However, aviation experts have warned that getting the plane from the test flight to mass production could pose difficulties.