Amazon stock plummets after Trump bashes company on Twitter
Amazon stock plummets after Trump bashes company on Twitter
Joyce Clark - Aug 19, 2017
South Carolina sued Amazon in administrative court this summer to make it hand over sales-tax revenue it accrued from third-party merchant sales.
Leon Clarke - Aug 17, 2017
The web host provider of a website that organizes protests against President Trump has cried over a Justice Department request to hand over personal identifying information of all of the site's visitors.
Wilson Soto - Aug 15, 2017
While Kushner has down-played the significance of his contacts with foreign nationals, he revised his security clearance form to include more than 100 such contacts during the campaign and transition period.
Lucas Rowe - Aug 09, 2017
He said that Trump should give Congress more time and space to work his agenda through the chamber.
David Sims - Aug 09, 2017
And by an overwhelming margin of 89-8 percent, American voters think it should be unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee based on his or her sexual orientation.
Miriam Griffin - Aug 09, 2017
Tillis' bill, which he co-sponsored with Sen. Chris Coons (D-Delaware), would allow the president to fire a special counsel but would allow the counsel to challenge the termination in court.
Jose Jefferies - Aug 09, 2017
Many of the leaks coming out of the White House are not illegal because they do not involve classified information or directly affect national security, but merely raise matters embarrassing to the administration.
Mae Owen - Aug 07, 2017
The New York Times reported that Cotton and Sasse both visited Iowa this year, and that Kasich is planning a visit to New Hampshire.
James Carlin - Aug 04, 2017
During the speech, Trump criticized former President Barack Obama, his former political opponent, Hillary Clinton, and the news media.
Tracy Williams - Aug 04, 2017
Wray served as assistant attorney general under George W. Bush from 2003-2005, when he worked under Comey, who was then the deputy attorney general.
Jeremy Morrow - Aug 04, 2017
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Monday that Trump was merely joking when he made the controversial remarks.
Jose Jefferies - Aug 03, 2017
Anthony Scaramucci is out as White House communications director just 10 days after he was welcomed to the administration's team.
Joyce Clark - Aug 03, 2017
Scaramucci's marriage also imploded the same week. His wife, Deirdre, filed for divorce, complaining about his "naked political ambition."
Joseph Scalise - Aug 03, 2017
Missiles typically have internal targeting systems that use radar or heat-seeking sensors to lock in on their targets.
Lila Alexander - Aug 03, 2017
Kathy Griffin announced the end Friday of the Secret Service's investigation of her controversial Trump-beheading photo earlier this year. The comedian tweeted that "the case is closed" and that she has been "completely exonerated."
Tyler Henderson - Aug 03, 2017
President Trump delivered a speech to a group of applauding police officers on Long Island, New York, Friday in which he advocated rough tactics by police in dealing with criminal suspects.
Jeremy Morrow - Aug 03, 2017
The governor said legislators had received helpful guidance from states like Washington and Colorado, where recreational marijuana has already been legal for several years.
Jason Spencer - Aug 01, 2017
Manafort joined the Trump campaign in March 2016. He became campaign chairman and chief strategist in May, then directed the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July.
Vicky Webb - Aug 01, 2017
Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) gave an impassioned speech Tuesday on the floor of the Senate saying he could not vote for the GOP's current healthcare bill.
James Carlin - Jul 30, 2017
In a 45-55 vote on Wednesday, the Senate rejected proposed GOP legislation that would have repealed but not replaced key portions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare.
Jeremy Morrow - Jul 30, 2017
President Trump announced in a series of Tweets Wednesday that transgender people will no longer be allowed to serve in the military "in any capacity."
Ian Marsh - Jul 28, 2017
The executive director of the Massachusetts chapter of the ACLU, Carol Rose, praised the decision, calling it a "victory."
James Carlin - Jul 25, 2017
Because glioblastomas tend to have tendrils along the edge of the tumors, surgery cannot eradicate all the cancerous cells.
Vicky Webb - Jul 20, 2017
This interim ruling comes as the Supreme Court waits to hear arguments in October on the merits of the challenge to the Trump travel ban.
Paul Pate - Jul 20, 2017
The ruling received praise from the Trump administration and condemnation from Amnesty International and other human-rights and immigration-advocacy groups.
Lucas Rowe - Jul 20, 2017
The program has long been in place but has been in only limited use in recent years due to pressure from lawmakers and civil-rights groups that fear its misuse.
Linda Mack - Jul 20, 2017
A House of Representatives subcommittee unanimously approved new rules Wednesday to make it easier for federal regulators to set new standards and restrictions on autonomous vehicles.
Jason Spencer - Jul 20, 2017
Chief strategist at Horizon Investments, Greg Valliere, is telling his clients that defeat of the BCRA would deal a serious blow to Trump's legislative agenda.
Cliff Mooneyham - Jul 19, 2017
H-2B visas let American businesses fill temporary, low-wage jobs, such as in hospitality, landscaping, and construction, a report by ABC News said.
Alex Bourque - Jul 18, 2017
In a turnaround from the policies of President Barack Obama, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is taking a second look at the way college campuses handle accusations of sexual assault.
Paul Pate - Jul 18, 2017
But in November 2015, IMR filed papers in the New York Supreme Court charging the ex-Soviet officer with leading the hack.
James Smith - Jul 18, 2017
Trump said nothing of Xiaobo, whom news reports announced shortly before had died while in the custody of China's security services.
James Smith - Jul 17, 2017
Arrests were made as part of a Medicare fraud task force launched in 2007. Since its creation, task force has charged more than 3,500 people for more than $12.5 billion in phony billings.
Chad Young - Jul 15, 2017
Wildstein admitted to masterminding the lane-closure scheme with the intent of punishing Fort Lee's Democratic mayor, who did not support Christie in his 2013 bid for re-election.
Linda Mack - Jul 13, 2017
Donald Trump Jr. released on Tuesday the contents of a June 2016 email correspondence chain in which he had accepted a purported offer by the Russian government.
Ian Marsh - Jul 13, 2017
The meeting took place two weeks after President Trump won the Republican nomination and also was attended by then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort .
Lucas Rowe - Jul 10, 2017
The two leaders were scheduled to meet in January, but Nieto had cancelled that meeting as tensions between them over the wall were at a high point.
Delila James - Jul 08, 2017
The director of the Office of Government Ethics, Walter M. Shaub Jr., announced Thursday that he will resign his post.
Lucas Rowe - Jul 07, 2017
The Secret Service interrogated comedian Kathy Griffin for more than an hour on Monday over her May 2017 photo in which she pretended to decapitate President Trump, according to journalist Yasher Ali.
Leon Clarke - Jul 05, 2017
resident Trump took early leave from July 4 celebrations to call for an emergency meeting of the United Nations' Security Council to discuss how to respond to a new North Korean missile launch.
James Smith - Jul 05, 2017
After North Korean leader Kim Jung Un launched another ballistic missile test Monday, President Trump reacted on Twitter by calling on China to intervene.
Rick Docksai - Aug 19, 2017
Matthew Heimbach, Traditionalist Worker Party chairman, said that the rally does not have a set date yet but that they wish to have it "sooner rather than later."
Carmelo Sheppard - Aug 19, 2017
On the other hand, Vice President Mike Pence told reporters while traveling in Chile that he supports Trump's comments wholeheartedly.
Billy Kirk - Aug 19, 2017
The Taney statue was targeted for removal because of his authorship of the Supreme Court's notorious Dred Scott decision, which ruled that blacks were not citizens and that Congress did not have the authority to regulate slavery.
Vicky Webb - Aug 19, 2017
After Trump's remarks, Republicans were once again forced to distance themselves.
David Sims - Aug 18, 2017
The Los Angeles tech company, DreamHost, which hosts the site, is resisting the federal demand, saying it violates the U.S. Constitution.
Kara Menard - Aug 18, 2017
President Trump signed two executive orders Monday to open an inquiry into China's trade policies and issues of intellectual property theft in China.
Tyler Henderson - Aug 17, 2017
A 23-year-old man was arrested Saturday morning for allegedly trying to blow up a bank in downtown Oklahoma City, according to an announcement by Mark A. Yancey, United States Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma.
Kara Menard - Aug 17, 2017
But a prominent group of white supremacists thinks he handled it just the way they would have wanted him to.
Jeremy Morrow - Aug 17, 2017
The Senate Leadership Fund, a GOP group with close ties to Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell has indicated that it will endorse Kid Rock as a candidate for U.S. Senate in 2018.
Ed Mason - Aug 16, 2017
President Trump finally came out and personally condemned the white supremacists who caused Saturday's mayhem and deaths in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Ian Marsh - Aug 15, 2017
Ahead of a planned "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe told residents to avoid the gathering, which could bring large numbers of white nationalists and counter-protesters to the city.
Tyler Henderson - Aug 11, 2017
The president also pointedly refused to express confidence in McConnell when asked by reporters outside his golf club if he should step down from his role as Senate Majority Leader.
Miriam Griffin - Aug 07, 2017
The ouster will have no impact on the Secret Service's security plan for Trump Tower and the agency still hopes to find a suitable space, said Catherine Milhoan, a Secret Service spokeswoman.
Linda Mack - Aug 07, 2017
The Democratic Party's "big tent" should be big enough to include Democrats who oppose abortion rights, argued California Gov. Jerry Brown on "Meet the Press" on Sunday.
James Carlin - Aug 07, 2017
At stake is the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance grant program, which provides law-enforcement grants to hundreds of cities every year.
Jason Spencer - Aug 04, 2017
For example, the number of Republicans who say he is level-headed has dropped by 14 percentage points and the percentage who say he is a good leader has plummeted 22 points.
Alex Bourque - Aug 04, 2017
Coast Guard Commandant Paul Zukunft has promised not to "break faith" with transgender personnel after President Trump tweeted his announcement last week that he intends to ban all transgender individuals from military service "in any capacity."
Leon Clarke - Aug 04, 2017
The DEA has faced accusations of police brutality of its own. In 2003, nationwide outrage ensued after a DEA agent shot a 14-year-old girl in Texas to death in a drug investigation and did not face any charges.
Kara Menard - Aug 03, 2017
The first three miles of President Trump's border wall will cut straight through the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, a major Texas conservation site, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently told Texas environmental nonprofits.
Jose Jefferies - Aug 03, 2017
President Trump announced in a pair of tweets Friday that he has replaced Reince Priebus with retired Gen. John Kelly as the new White House chief of staff.
Jason Spencer - Aug 01, 2017
Paul Pate - Jul 31, 2017
Wilson Soto - Jul 31, 2017
The vice-president added that he and Trump appreciate Session' work. He gave the attorney general credit for action on gang violence, illegal immigration, and taking on "sanctuary cities" that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.
Miriam Griffin - Jul 30, 2017
President Trump tweeted Wednesday that he will reinstitute the ban on transgendered persons from the military, but civil-rights and LGBT-advocacy groups argue that this ban would not even be legal.
Mark Schwartz - Jul 30, 2017
The communications director suggested that the two could still resolve their differences. But it is up to them to sort their problems out, he said.
Mark Schwartz - Jul 26, 2017
Uber isn't the only ride-share company seeking to develop self-driving cars: Lyft announced on Thursday that it has formed a "self-driving car division" and will soon open a facility for it in Palo Alto, Calif.
Paul Pate - Jul 26, 2017
The Constitution does not explicitly prohibit the president from a self-pardon.
Paul Pate - Jul 26, 2017
The police chief issued a statement in which she said that she is "willing to step aside to let a fresh set of leadership eyes" take over.
Miriam Griffin - Jul 26, 2017
Sessions did not disclose any meetings with Kislyak during the vetting process for his nomination to be Trump's attorney general.
Jose Jefferies - Jul 25, 2017
Sitting down for an interview with The New York Times, President Trump expressed anger and frustration at Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from heading the Russia investigation, saying the move was "very unfair to the president."
Clint Huston - Jul 25, 2017
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was promoted to the position of press secretary, said in a statement during a White House briefing that the president was grateful for Spicer's service.
Harry Marcolis - Jul 21, 2017
The Judiciary Committee also has made far-reaching document requests, suggesting the breadth of its investigation.
Mae Owen - Jul 21, 2017
The repeal bill will eliminate Obamacare's core components, including its individual mandate and employer mandate.
Harry Marcolis - Jul 19, 2017
What is raising eyebrows about the second meeting is that only a Kremlin interpreter was present to hear to hour-long exchange. No official U.S. government record of the conversation exists.
Dirk Trudeau - Jul 19, 2017
James Carlin - Jul 19, 2017
Down six points from polls taken at President Trump's 100-day milestone, his approval rating now stands at just 36 percent, according to ABC News.
Mae Owen - Jul 19, 2017
A bipartisan assortment of House lawmakers are pressing for a hard inquiry into how much information of private U.S. citizens the U.S. government.
Linda Mack - Jul 18, 2017
The two officials will have 180 days from day one of the NDAA's enactment to do so.
Mae Owen - Jul 18, 2017
Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) had pitched the study-quashing amendment. He argued that numerous other agencies are studying climate change and that "this should not be the priority" for the military.
Aaron Sims - Jul 18, 2017
Judge Watson also ruled that a prospective refugee who has a commitment from a resettlement agency in the U.S.
Ian Marsh - Jul 17, 2017
The 92-year-old Carter became unsteady on his feet at the building project after working on some steps of the home for over an hour in the hot sun, according to Reuters.
Joyce Clark - Jul 17, 2017
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that he will try for a vote on the bill next week.
Linda Mack - Jul 17, 2017
The House will vote Thursday on a bill that would deny transgendered military personnel medical coverage for hormone and gender-reassignment therapies.
Jeremy Morrow - Jul 15, 2017
When Colbert wanted to know whether he was still a Republican, Scarborough agreed, but with a caveat of sorts.
Kristy Douglas - Jul 14, 2017
Nevada made recreational marijuana use legal on July 1, in keeping with a popular vote to legalize marijuana use statewide in November 2016.
Kara Menard - Jul 14, 2017
House Republicans introduced a bill Tuesday that earmarks $1.6 billion to start construction on President Trump's border wall next year.
Chad Young - Jul 14, 2017
The lawsuit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, names Trump, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.
Jeremy Morrow - Jul 13, 2017
The president's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., has admitted to attending a meeting at Trump Tower in New York City on June 9.
Carmelo Sheppard - Jul 13, 2017
However, Comey testified under oath before the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 8 that a memo he shared with a friend did not contain classified information.
Jeremy Morrow - Jul 10, 2017
The "borrower defense" rules were finalized in October 2016 by the Obama administration and were scheduled to take effect July 1, a report by The New York Times said.