Bipartisan Senate keeps Obamacare subsidies coming for now
Bipartisan Senate keeps Obamacare subsidies coming for now
Rick Docksai - 8 hours ago
A bipartisan bill in the Senate, introduced Tuesday, would maintain Obamacare subsidies to insurers for the next two years. President Trump had declared that he was ending the subsidies last week.
Chad Young - Oct 10, 2017
Researchers have discovered that foods high in potassium may increase long term heart health.
Harry Marcolis - Oct 10, 2017
Clint Huston - Oct 05, 2017
A new study shows that cancers related to obesity and weight gain have been steadily rising over the past decade.
Tyler Henderson - Oct 05, 2017
A team of researchers have discovered evidence of how the first cases of genital herpes spread to early humans.
James Smith - Sep 16, 2017
A new type of injection could condense all childhood vaccines into a single, one-time shot.
Joseph Scalise - Sep 14, 2017
A new study finds a surprising link between miscarriages and flu vaccines.
Adam Widmer - Sep 08, 2017
Women in Kentucky may lose their constitutional right to get a legal abortion unless a federal judge steps in to stop the closing of the state's last remaining abortion clinic.
Kyle Bates - Sep 08, 2017
But the United States accounted for an above-average share of the polluted water: 94% of the U.S. samples were contaminated. Even relatively affluent U.S. sites were not immune.
Ian Marsh - Sep 08, 2017
The new study, conducted by researchers from Washington University School of Medicine and the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, could help with that.
Carmelo Sheppard - Sep 05, 2017
The study analyzed CDC statistics on body mass index, or BMI. People with a BMI of 30 and above are considered obese.
Simon Smith - Aug 31, 2017
According to MAPS, it has agreed with the FDA under a special protocol for the design of two Phase 3 trials for MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for patients with severe PTSD.
Dan Taylor - Aug 29, 2017
The doctor was one of several from the University of Miami Health System who reviewed the diplomats' cases. The physicians subjected them to a battery of tests and comprehensive hearing evaluations.
Ed Mason - Aug 27, 2017
Every county in the United States will now have at least one Obamacare-approved insurer providing coverage to its residents starting next year, according to healthcare-management company CareSource.
Robert Balkovich - Aug 22, 2017
The micromotors are biodegradable and the magnesium cores along with their binding polymer layers are dissolved by the stomach's gastric acid without harmful effects.
Ian Marsh - Aug 22, 2017
A new experimental study has resulted in a cure for two-thirds of children treated with immunotherapy for peanut allergy. The ability to eat peanuts lasted for as long as four years after treatment.
Wilson Soto - Aug 22, 2017
The case involved alleged human rights abuses that took place at secret sites in Afghanistan after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks by terrorist plane hijackers on U.S. soil under President George W. Bush.
Billy Kirk - Aug 19, 2017
Men who were heavy drinkers had a 25 percent higher risk of dying during the study and a 67 percent increased risk from cancer compared to males who never drank.
Carmelo Sheppard - Aug 14, 2017
Researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have developed a chip that can heal damaged body functions with a single touch.
Jose Jefferies - Aug 11, 2017
Now, President Trump has been briefed on what many are called an 'opioid epidemic' and he offered comments afterwards from Bedminster, New Jersey.
David Sims - Aug 09, 2017
Scientists believe the sea creatures that attacked an Australian teen over the weekend were small aquatic scavengers known as amphipods.
Josh Curlee - Aug 09, 2017
Growing new organs in a lab is a feat that medicine cannot yet do, but an Ohio State University research team thinks it has found a way to program the human body's own cells to grow new organ tissue on its own.
Simon Smith - Aug 04, 2017
In a major breakthrough that is sure to stoke controversy, U.S. scientists have successfully edited human embryos afflicted with a genetic mutation that causes a sometimes fatal heart condition to produce healthy embryos.
Paul Pate - Aug 04, 2017
U.S. and Korean scientists announced that they successfully edited defective genes that cause heart failure out of real-life human embryos Wednesday.
James Carlin - Aug 04, 2017
In just 15 years — between 1999 and 2015 — a staggering 560,000 people in U.S. died of drug overdoses. Many deaths were linked to prescription drugs, such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, and fentanyl.
Kristy Douglas - Aug 03, 2017
Also, major insurers such as Aetna, Anthem, and Cigna have left many state exchanges because they have consistently lost money as more sick patients buy their plans.
Lucas Rowe - Aug 03, 2017
Massachusetts voters approved an initiative last year to legalize recreational marijuana use and sales but charge a 12% sales tax on it.
Jeremy Morrow - Aug 03, 2017
The governor said legislators had received helpful guidance from states like Washington and Colorado, where recreational marijuana has already been legal for several years.
Vicky Webb - Aug 01, 2017
Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) gave an impassioned speech Tuesday on the floor of the Senate saying he could not vote for the GOP's current healthcare bill.
James Carlin - Jul 30, 2017
In a 45-55 vote on Wednesday, the Senate rejected proposed GOP legislation that would have repealed but not replaced key portions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare.
Jeremy Morrow - Jul 25, 2017
In all, the researchers looked at 202 brains that belonged to football players at all levels. CTE was present in 87 percent.
James Carlin - Jul 25, 2017
Because glioblastomas tend to have tendrils along the edge of the tumors, surgery cannot eradicate all the cancerous cells.
Linda Mack - Jul 20, 2017
A House of Representatives subcommittee unanimously approved new rules Wednesday to make it easier for federal regulators to set new standards and restrictions on autonomous vehicles.
Jason Spencer - Jul 20, 2017
Chief strategist at Horizon Investments, Greg Valliere, is telling his clients that defeat of the BCRA would deal a serious blow to Trump's legislative agenda.
Linda Mack - Jul 18, 2017
The researchers published their findings in the journal Neuron.
James Smith - Jul 17, 2017
Arrests were made as part of a Medicare fraud task force launched in 2007. Since its creation, task force has charged more than 3,500 people for more than $12.5 billion in phony billings.
Jason Spencer - Jul 13, 2017
They found that people who drank a cup of coffee each day were 12 percent less likely die, according to a USC statement.
Linda Mack - Jul 11, 2017
West Virginia voted for President Trump by large margins last year, but West Virginia Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito is dead-set on not seeing Trumpcare become law.
Leon Clarke - Jul 10, 2017
There are enough painkillers being prescribed to keep every American high for three weeks straight, but the rate of new prescriptions has nevertheless dropped since 2010.
Lucas Rowe - Jul 10, 2017
The suggestion that Republicans improve the exchanges in the meantime instead of trying again to abolish them is a notion that a few other Republicans before McConnell have suggested.
Lila Alexander - Jul 03, 2017
It is the fourth state to sue opioid manufacturers over their marketing practices in the past month.
Joseph Scalise - 8 hours ago
A new study shows that oral HPV affects men at a much greater rate than it affects women.
Chad Young - Oct 17, 2017
A newly developed injection could stave off the effects of snakebite venom long enough to give victims time to get to a hospital.
Harry Marcolis - Oct 11, 2017
Researchers in Singapore may have finally discovered where the durian -- a fruit known for its strong and unpleasant odor -- first got its pungent smell.
Cliff Mooneyham - Oct 10, 2017
Morva's lawyers say that at the time of the murders, their client thought he was acting in self-defense and that when he was sentenced, the jury had only heard that he had a personality disorder.
Stacey Carter - Oct 06, 2017
New research has found that over fifty percent of new cancer drugs on the European market do not help improve survival rate or quality of life when they are released.
Billy Kirk - Oct 06, 2017
A newly developed surgical adhesive is able to seal wounds much faster and more effectively than more traditional methods.
Steve Colyer - Oct 05, 2017
A new study finds that a third of all smartphone notifications make people upset in some way.
Dan Taylor - Sep 26, 2017
Sen. John McCain announced his opposition Friday to the latest, last-ditch effort by the GOP to repeal and replace Obamacare, likely dooming the bill to defeat.
Josh Curlee - Sep 19, 2017
Senate Republicans have a new Obamacare-repeal bill under review and almost enough votes to pass it, according to bill co-sponsor Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana). But the clock is ticking: If the bill doesn't come to a vote by September 30, Democrats will be able to quash it with a filibuster.
Jose Jefferies - Sep 14, 2017
Sanders' plan would replace nearly all private health plans with a Medicare-like government program that would guarantee health coverage to all Americans.
David Sims - Sep 13, 2017
However, the study also revealed that people were less likely to die young if they simply got up and moved around every half hour.
Jeremy Morrow - Sep 11, 2017
Survey respondents specifically thought that 22% of medication prescriptions, 25% of medical tests, 11% of procedures, and 21% of medical care overall are not needed.
Ed Mason - Sep 11, 2017
As a result of the chemical explosion, the plaintiffs "began to fall ill in the middle of the road" and were bent over vomiting, the lawsuit alleges.
Jeremy Morrow - Sep 11, 2017
The pen is accurate nearly 96 percent of the time and could help surgeons better remove tumors during surgery.
Lucas Rowe - Sep 11, 2017
The droplet absorbs chemicals from tissue cells, and then an instrument called a mass spectrometer analyzes the droplet and gives the doctors its results on a computer monitor.
Lila Alexander - Sep 11, 2017
Lobbyists representing doctors, health-insurance companies, and health-care businesses pressed the Senate's health committee this week to commit to funding health-insurance subsidies for the next two years.
Ian Marsh - Sep 05, 2017
Although the administration has not formally studied the effectiveness of the outreach, officials claim it is not cost efficient, saying most of the people likely to sign up already know about the law.
Linda Mack - Sep 05, 2017
Lucas Rowe - Sep 05, 2017
The FDA has just taken another step toward approving MDMA, the main ingredient in the illegal hallucinogen Ecstasy, as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.
Clint Huston - Aug 27, 2017
Health care giant Aetna mailed letters to thousands of customers in a number of states that revealed their HIV status through windows on the envelopes.
Ed Mason - Aug 24, 2017
Researchers have developed an experimental technology that provides a scientific basis for using noninvasive retinal imaging to diagnose Alzheimer's disease at an early stage, even before symptoms develop.
Harry Marcolis - Aug 23, 2017
Another one of Johnson's products, Shower to Shower, also is talc-based and linked to an increased risk of ovarian cancer.
Kara Menard - Aug 22, 2017
Mylan, maker of the EpiPen emergency allergy treatment, finalized a $465 million settlement with the U.S. Justice Department to resolve a year-long over EpiPen's price, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Massachusetts announced Thursday.
Cliff Mooneyham - Aug 15, 2017
The litter had 37 piglets in all, and not one of them had traces of the Active Porcine Endogenous Retrovirus, or PERVs. That is a big step towards growing organs in animals.
Cliff Mooneyham - Aug 14, 2017
In a scientific breakthrough, researchers have edited the genes of piglets to make their organs safer for transplant to humans.
James Carlin - Aug 07, 2017
The CDC issued a separate report last year finding that suicides in the U.S. as a whole increased by 24 percent over a 15-year period.
Jose Jefferies - Aug 07, 2017
More pollution is coming from private lands, where the chemicals seep into groundwater or local rivers and streams and make their way into the forests.
Kara Menard - Aug 04, 2017
A dead zone the size of New Jersey has formed in the Gulf of Mexico and is growing even larger, and a new report says that meat industries are to blame for much of it.
David Sims - Aug 03, 2017
The makers of electronic cigarettes were gratified Friday when the Food and Drug Administration delayed regulations that would have taken many of their products off the market.
Paul Pate - Jul 31, 2017
Lucas Rowe - Jul 31, 2017
Sullivan interpreted Zimke's message as a threat that the federal government might no longer sign off on Alaska legislation that requires its signature.
Mae Owen - Jul 25, 2017
So as the existing pool of laborers grows older and more of them retire, not enough new immigrant workers are arriving to replace them.
Leon Clarke - Jul 21, 2017
Military veterans who have seen private doctors for their health needs might no longer be able to do so due to recent cutbacks in the Veterans Administration's Veterans Choice Program.
James Carlin - Jul 20, 2017
The symptoms reported by customers are consistent with the highly contagious norovirus, Chipotle's head of food safety, Jim Marsden, told NBC News.
Harry Marcolis - Jul 17, 2017
In the end, the GIF played back with 90 percent accuracy. And even when the team uploaded the movie backward, they could view the galloping horse in reverse.
Ian Marsh - Jul 17, 2017
The 92-year-old Carter became unsteady on his feet at the building project after working on some steps of the home for over an hour in the hot sun, according to Reuters.
Mae Owen - Jul 17, 2017
The federal agencies field formal charges against 412 individuals Thursday.
Joyce Clark - Jul 17, 2017
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that he will try for a vote on the bill next week.
Carmelo Sheppard - Jul 15, 2017
But some in the medical community are dubious about ingesting foreign substances, including chocolate.
Kristy Douglas - Jul 14, 2017
Nevada made recreational marijuana use legal on July 1, in keeping with a popular vote to legalize marijuana use statewide in November 2016.
Leon Clarke - Jul 08, 2017
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is again locking horns with his Senate GOP colleagues, this time over new changes to the stalled Obamacare-repeal bill.
James Smith - Jul 08, 2017
In granting the gag order, Judge Matsumoto directed Shkreli to stop talking in and around the courthouse.
Ian Marsh - Jul 03, 2017
Five of the six injured are hurt seriously, according to The New York Times.
Ian Marsh - Jul 02, 2017
President Trump has claimed that the GOP bill not only does not cut spending, but tweeted a chart purporting to show Medicaid spending going up by $69 billion in 2026.
Jason Spencer - Jun 28, 2017
Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) said Monday afternoon that the legislation cannot stand after release of the CBO report.
Josh Curlee - Jun 26, 2017
Brian Sandoval, Heller criticized the bill's cuts to Medicaid and to subsidies for individual coverage, which he said would fall too hard on Nevada residents.
Joyce Clark - Jun 26, 2017
The Chinese government had banned U.S. beef in 2003 over concern about mad cow disease.
James Carlin - Jun 24, 2017
A new study based on experiments with mice suggests that extra virgin olive oil may protect the brain from symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.
Jeremy Morrow - Jun 19, 2017
Lead, a toxic metal, was found most often in fruit juices, root vegetables, and cookies.
Miriam Griffin - Jun 16, 2017
A hundred residents contracted Legionnaires' disease, and 12 died from it, and a potentially far larger number of children.